The Work of breathe2CHANGE

My heart-felt calling is to support you to take an active role in your personal self-care so that you can nourish yourself and reflect your own equanimity outwards.  This is the path we can take to health, social justice and peace.

We are not powerless as we confront the circumstances of our personal lives and the challenges of the wider world. Our power originates from our inner stability, balance and light.

We are living in turbulent times.  Many of us are experiencing stress, uncertainty and fear. 

Self-care is at the root of our individual and collective well-being. 

Each of us has the ability to uncover a sense of stillness and equanimity.  There is no single path for this uncovering. 

Each of us is unique and may need to explore various methods and tools.  And sometimes we need the right coach or guide to assist us.

I draw from the tools of contemporary mind-body medicine and the ancient practices of yoga. 

Breath. Sound. Movement. Imagery. Meditation.  Here we collaborate to create a short self-care practice that works for you.