Meet Ellen Fein

Ellen has decades of experience on a long journey of both personal and professional healing and transformation.

She has faculty roles in Mind-Body Medicine, Yoga Therapy and Clinical Social Work.

It is only through Ellen's own personal healing that she has come to understand how to be a true healer: to be nourished personally by her life and work; to support her clients to be nourished in theirs; and with her clients, to be take an active role in the world for peace and social justice..

Self-care is at the crux of all health, peace and justice. 


Ellen's Story

Ellen's personal journey has been marked by the the loss of her husband almost 20 years and her own journey with life-threatening cancer.  The circumstances of her life have created the opportunity for her continuously rethink and uncover who she is and how she can thrive and contribute.   She seems remarkably able to come to this process with good humor (most of the time) as well as a real sense of finding joy in what is.

Ellen brings years of professional training in clinical social work, mind-body medicine and yoga specifically as therapy.  Her primary work has been with individuals and groups, as well as healers and students in professional training programs.  She finds that her work is mutually nourishing - both for the client(s) and for her. 

In addition Ellen has written a number of books and continues to write a blog.  She muses on her experience in her body as it is, her life as it is and the world as she sees it.  At her very core, Ellen demonstrates a stability and calm that others find soothing.

Over the years Ellen has worked with hundreds of individuals and groups dealing with chronic and life-threatening illness, cancer and pain as well mentoring and teaching yoga and healthcare professionals.  She loves co-creating withclients!

As Ellen's own health has improved and she has integrated more of the teachings of her teachers and healers, Ellen continues to evolve and her work for herself and with others now includes an emphasis about how do we take ourselves out into the world that supports peace and social justice.

Self-care and healing must be at the foundation for effective social action and change.