living a full life

This One Precious Life


Lately I find myself musing about what calls me now as I approach my 66th birthday in April. At 50, I could not imagine I would survive a year and here it is, more than 15 years later.

The work I found my way into post cancer treatment was already calling (beneath the noise of my successful career in the prior years) but I hadn't been listening. And now, once again, I feel some rumblings beneath the surface.

I love my work. I am so grateful to be of service and also to receive so much from students, supervisees, and clients. The complete mutuality of this work is truly remarkable. I could never have imagined this – work where I am giving and simultaneously fed, rather than drained. I am so grateful to my yoga therapy and mind-body medicine teachers for this evolution in my understanding of my role. I am not here to fix anything, but rather to hold space with an open heart; to be a mirror for those I work with; to offer what I know from my toolbox if it is useful.

And yet, as I move forward something is stirring. I practice awareness about decreasing my ego-driven actions and letting go of attachment to outcome both on and off of my yoga mat. Next week I am off to spend time with my teacher and further deepen my own personal practice. I am curious and open to what may unfold.