You Have Not Missed the Boat


You have not missed the boat.

You are not late to the party.

You have not taken the wrong turn,

or the wrong ticket, or ended up

in the wrong line. You have not made

the fatal mistake that will destroy you

for all time. You haven’t overshot the bullseye

or slept through the final moments

of the ultimate opportunity.

You have not missed the boat.


You are the boat—

and the sea that gently tugs

on the moorings, unties the knots—

and in its time, when the wind is right—

releases you to the drawing tide.

For you know this open water—

and this joy that breaks free for no reason,

this unmovable peace that arises

in spite of storms and high seas

and even the terrible losses

that seem unbearable.


For there is all that comes and goes,

and there is that which is indestructible—

the essence that changes forms but does not die,

the one of you who laughs in love

at the impossibility of being human—

to be wired like this: with the hurricane

of the mind and the lion of the heart,

and the rise and fall of the passions

moving in us like sweet fire.


Yes, you are not the one

running for the boat that is leaving the port—

not the one who is seconds too late for your life.

You are not the one madly deciding which way to go,

or the one who must discover the truth.

You are not even the one trying so hard

to find the last piece of the puzzle

that would make you whole.


You have not missed the boat.

You are the boat

and this drawing tide.


©Laura Weaver

first published on