Cultivating Internal Calm

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Cultivating Calm in the Chaos

For many of us it has been a tough few months.  For me personally, the state of the world has taken a bit of a back seat to supporting my aging parents as they move through what is likely the last chapter of their lives.

As I move thru the demands in my personal life and what feels like an assault of news, I have been reflecting on just how I am managing with apparent equanimity.  A few key supports for me include:

  • Limiting my exposure to news (no more than 20 minutes a day except on the occasional Sunday)

  • Limiting my time on social media to a brief (10 - 20 minutes) time in the morning and early evening

  • Sleep, glorious sleep which is always a balm for whatever ails me

  • Self-care practice (these days it is chanting and/or breath work)

  • Exercise

  • Eating well

I have to admit that for the lastmonth or so the exercise has been sporadic and,  because my dad is an incredible choc-aholic (only the best and darkest!) my diet has had way more sugar than usual.  And sleep too has been interrupted quite a number of nights for care-giving. But none-the-less, I seem to be alright.  I have developed a new habit of turning away from the news that distresses me and taking a few moments to breath.  I do not want to hide myself from what is happening but the news is still waiting when I return to it.

The idea that seems to be pressing at me with a certain fierceness these days is how to make the most use of myself as vehicle for making the world that I want to live in.  Towards that end, I have begun re-framing my work (check out my ever evolving website for a taste of what is to come).  And I apologize in advance for any glitches.

I have felt first hand that the actions of others (both those close to me and those I do not know personally) have a significant impact on me.  And I am reminded often in surprising ways, that my own presence impacts others both in ways that are supportive and ways that aren't. 

What resonates with you?   Struggling for calm and also to be of service?  I would love to hear from you.