Re-imagining What is Possible


I suspect that my life (and yours as well) will be a long series of unfoldings – those of my own volition and those caused by circumstances beyond my control.

For quite some time I have been listening (and sometimes ignoring) deep inner rumblings calling me to shift something – although I really had no idea exactly what.  At the same time, I have had an unusual year with some remarkable personal healing. I suspect that I will write more soon about my own healing.  But I want to offer a special thanks to the teachers and healers who have helped me find my footing (literally and metaphorically).   This includes: Sonia NelsonMatt ErbDeb DeGraffLaura Clarke Stelmok and Jen Louden.

I love my work and the people I work with and for and I have also known that it is not enough to focus only on our own well-being.  As my own physical health has improved and the world appears to be sinking into ever deeper divides filled with hatred and fed by greed.

The question I ask myself is what can I do with my own energy that supports the people I care for and the world I want going forward.  I know in such a fundamental experiential way that none of us can give or help others when we are depleted.   When we are consumed by fear, anger or hate, we are harming ourselves.

As we enter 2017, I invite myself and any of you that are interested:

  • to engage in regular self-care
  • to practice inner disarmament
  • to commit to action that builds community, diminishes division and honors our interdependence with each other and with our planet.

Please, ask me about how I am doing and tell me about your self-care and action. Only by working on ourselves and together can we create a safe and healthy universe.

In writing this blog I am leaping from my comfort zone.  What is happening for me is very much a work in progress and definitely not in my typical more finished and put-together way.  I think the presentation may not be so important anymore to me. 

So I hope you will bear with me and offer constructive feedback on my words (and my evolving logo and new – yet again – website).  Most importantly I hope that we can engage in constructive dialogue and practices that helps us to cultivate interior peace and take that out into the world.