mentoring supports and encourages you to develop and to evolve as a Yoga teacher, therapist, or healthcare professional. the focus is on your work and your own self-care so that your work is nourishing and not depleting.  As your mentor, I bring my knowledge of yoga therapy and mind-body medicine, my clinical social work experience, and my intuitive ability to listen and truly meet you where you are.  Together we discover ways for you to replenish and sustain yourself.

mentoring includes consulting with yoga professionals when they plan therapeutic classes, encounter a challenging client, or begin to teach a new client population. This is often arranged on a one-time or as-needed basis, but can also be on a regular schedule as part of an annual mentoring membership. We can meet in person if you are in central Vermont, or by phone or Skype.

ellen also supervises healthcare professionals who want to integrate either Yoga or mind-body skills into their work as mental health providers, nurses, physicians, or other kinds of healers. The focus can be case-specific, or can be related to running a mind-body skills group, leading a retreat, or deepening your own skills.