There are countless methods of self-care and tools to replenish ourselves as we care for others and take our work out in the world.  Here are some of the organizations that have been critical in my own personal and professional development.  Each offers profound tools and practices for self-care, healing and transformation (both personal and communal). 

There is NO single tool that is right for every one of us.  We are each unique and must find a path that works for us personally.  I have a large tool box and combined with you (all of who you are), we collaborate for you to build a foundation to support and sustain you.

The Center for Mind-Body Medicine

I have had the amazing privilege to train with the Center and to now be a member of the Senior Faculty.

We teach clinicians, educators, and community leaders to use the techniques of mind-body medicine (meditation, guided imagery, yoga and exercise, biofeedback); self-expression in words, drawings, and movement; and small group support to deal with their own stress and trauma. Then, we teach them how to use the CMBM model with the populations they serve.

I personally found profound healing and transformation in this work and I am humbled by how effective the model is with others.  I have witnessed people with PTSD, mental illness, combat experience and more make remarkable and sustaining change thru this work.   This is NOT psychotherapy but rather a group based experience of learning about and practicing mind-body skills.

American Viniyoga Institute

I was introduced to concept of yoga as a healing modality when I was undergoing cancer treatment. 

Yoga has been a central part of my own healing.  Not the yoga seen in a studio or a class.  This yoga is based on working individually with a teacher who has supported and guided me in developing a practice uniquely suited to my needs.

I also undertook rigourous training in Viniyoga to become a Yoga Therapist so that I could bring these tools to others.  I have taught periodically for Therapists in training on such topics as yoga therapy and cancer, pain management and issues related to hospice and end-of-life.

The Vedic Chant Center

“To share Vedic Chant is to share
an experience of silence through listening,
a process of healing, and a link with nature, 
the deeper self and the divine.”

“The Vedic Chant Center, conceived by Sonia Nelson,
is an expression of the beauty of Creation.

It offers a place to share the mystery and joy of chant
that comes from wise and ancient sources.”

- T.K.V. Desikachar