Do you feel disheartened by your personal situation or the larger world? Interested in moving forward with a sense of possibility for real change?



Working with Ellen

If we are to take action for own health & healing or for peace or social justice, we must begin from a place of internal stability.  Such stability can be discovered and cultivated with self-care.  Without an sense of inner equanimity, we are easily depleted, frustrated and lacking personal power.

Self-care is the very foundation of the work we will do together.

I draw on a variety of tools and collaborate with you!  The goals are defined by you and are predicated on the notion that self-care begins with who YOU are. There is no one "right" answer.  Together we co-create your own unique practice. 








Pay From the Heart

Our services are available under a simple pricing model:  you choose what to pay.  How do you value the service?  And of course, what can you afford?

To learn more contact Ellen.

Or if you prefer, you can find a list of services with suggested prices when you book a service.  These are suggestions only.

ellen and Yoga