mind,body & spirit


  • increase satisfaction in your personal and work life

  • nourish yourself and your clients with the tools of yoga and mind-body medicine

  • integrate self-care tools that are right for you into daily life

  • navigate a chronic or life-threatening illness

why breathe2change

breathe is with us at every moment we are alive.  for most of us, breathe is the easiest point of entry to shift our mood, re-calibrate our nervous system and focus our attention.  change your breathe and discover what happens.

what we offer

for yoga professionals, healthcare providers and individuals who want to be active in their own well-being- health and transformation.  yoga including breath work, movement, sound, intention, meditation and gesture. mind-body skills including autogenics, various kinds of meditation, guided imagery, relaxation techniques, and more.

about ellen fein

i bring personal and professional experience of healing and transformation into my work.  over the years i has worked with hundreds of individuals and groups dealing with chronic and life-threatening illness, cancer and pain as well mentoring and teaching yoga and healthcare professionals.  I love co-creating with my clients!


Take the Next Steps

  • are you interested in taking active steps in your health and well-being? 
  • do you want to utilize self-care tools that allow you to live fully in your personal and professional life? 
  • do you want to collaborate with Ellen to create practices that are uniquely suited to you?